At the NAFTS reunion in San Diego, October 2000, I met some Sarsi crewmen
and their wives. Pictured, L to R, Charlotte(my wife), your webmaster(Tom
Wilbeck), Dick Rodriguez, Bill Hodgerson, and Don Burns.
Photo courtesy Rich Tetrault and NAFTS.

Sarsi crewmen retell the story of the sinking. L to R, Bill Hodgerson, Don Burns,
Hines Wommack, Jim O'Connell, George Cornell, Bill Buttler. NAFTS reunion 2000.
Photo courtesy Rich Tetrault and NAFTS.

Judy and George Cornell hosted a gathering of the "Sarsi bunch" during the NAFTS
reunion weekend. Standing, L to R, Terry Worden, Gordon Scarpaci, Don Burns, Jim
O'Connell, Hines Wommack, Bill Hodgerson, George Cornell, and Herschel McCoy.
Kneeling, L to R, Bill Buttler, George Nader, Tom Wilbeck, Lou Santangelo, and Rich
Photo courtesy Terry Worden.

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