The Sarsi Survivors attending the 2007 NAFTS Convention in St. Louis, Mo, are, Back Row L- R:
Alan (Pete) Peterson, James Keller, Jim O'Connell, Bill Buttler, George Cornell.
Front Row L- R: Hines Wommack, Lou Santangelo, Terry Worden, Louis Fuller.
Photo courtesy George Cornell.

Ladies attending were, Back Row L - R: Barbara , wife of the late Bill Hodgerson; Barbara, wife of
Hines Wommack; Judy, wife of George Cornell. Front Row L - R: Shirley, wife of James Keller;
Ashie, wife of Lou Santangelo; Mary, wife of Louis Fuller.
Photo courtesy George Cornell.

The group enjoyed a dinner together in St. Louis. Pictured, L to R are: Evie, daughter of Pete
Peterson, Pete Peterson, Herschel McCoy, James Keller, Shirley Keller, Jim O'Connell, Barbara
Hodgerson, and Bill Buttler.
Photo by credit.

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