1.   That the SARSI suffered a detonation forward about 2344 Item,
              27 August 1952, and remained afloat about 10 to 15 minutes
         2.   That the U.S.S. SARSI (ATF-111) sank in about 74 feet of water
              in the very close proximity to Lat. 39-45-40 N., Long. 
              127-42-05 E. (buoyed position when salvage operations
         3.   That the following personnel are known to be dead but their
              bodies were not recovered:
                           PARRISH, Raymond S., QMC, USN, and
                           CARTER, Hampton C., SD2, USN

         4.   That the dead body of DEMAREST, Hubert, YN3, USN was recovered
              during the salvage operations (about 4 September).

         5.   That KUNSCH, Charles H., DC1, USN, is missing but believed to
              have gone down with the ship.
         6.   That SLATTERY, Robert J. RD3, USN, is missing but may be a
              survivor in enemy hands.
         7.   That only four personnel were injured to the extent that they
              were still hospitalized as of 3 September 1952.

         8.   That aside from the five men dead and/or missing, there were
              ninety-two (92) survivors, and all hands are accounted for.

         9.   That during the course of the Investigation the investigating
              officer examined sufficient operational and intelligence matter
              as to satisfy himself that the U.S.S. SARSI was well within the
              limits of a swept area, and, was complying with all applicable
              operation orders and other instructions.

        10.   That salvage operations were initiated promptly including
              provisions for safeguarding classified matter.

        11.   That most of the ship's Class 2 allowance of registered
              publications, and other classified matter, was either lost when
              the gig swamped, or went down with the ship.  However, on 
              5 September the salvage vessel (USS CURRENT) reported having
              recovered considerable classified matter including some 
              cryptographic material.

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